The 8 Benefits of Running SPICES

In today's highly dyanmic environment, it is becoming increasingly common to have mobile work force that operates out of the office location and out of office hours. The same goes with branch offices and business partners that you have to work with. Gaining a competitive advantage means having a system that can connect your business with these parties regardless of their geographic locations and their time of operation. You want a system that can provide these people access anytime, anywhere.

SPICES, our flagship ERP system, is a user-friendly, complete and flexible web-based solution that delivers many benefits to helping streamline your operations. + more...

Reducing Project Risks with CANDO Methodology

Every project is a business on its own. As in any business venture, the project team will face various challenges and experience a wide range of success and failures in different engagements. The challenge starts right at the beginning of the project initiation; identifying clear objectives for the project, getting stakeholders to buy-into the project, and even the task of setting up the project team proper itself is not to be taken lightly. When the ball starts rolling, the project team runs into more uphill tasks; gathering relevant information for the project, managing project risks, timeline and budget, meeting users expectations and requirements, facilitating change control, managing technology capabilities and uncertainty, are just some to name a few.

Embracing a proven Project Delivery Methodology is one of the critical success factors that determine the successful outcome of a project. The methodology serves as a guideline that pull the team together towards a common goal. A good methodology takes into consideration the various pitfalls of a project delivery and provides a framework to avoid them. + more...

Service Served on a Plate

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Visiflex Pte Ltd is a software solution provider that delivers innovative, quality and practical solutions for our customer. Our three main offerings are SPICES, our flagship ERP solution; SaaS solutions; and Software Development Services. + more...

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